January 28th Data Protection Day

In 2016, with the approval of Convention No. 108 for the first time in Turkey and the adoption of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data we started to celebrate Data Protection Day.

Every year, we look forward to Data Protection Day which is celebrated on January 28th. Celebrated with numerous events in the world and in Turkey, this day is also an occasion to raise awareness in terms of personal data protection and data security.

In our past articles where we covered Data Protection Day, we had included some special event suggestions for this day.

This year, together with KP Data Consulting, we have prepared some great Data Protection tips! We have turned those into images for you to use to increase awareness for Data Protection. You can share these images via e-mail or use them as posters in your workplace.

Data Protection Day is followed worldwide with the hashtag #dataprivacyday2022, #DPD2022. You can follow the posts of leading practitioners and researchers in this field with these hashtags.

Wishing you a fun Data Privacy Day!