Labour Law Practice

With over 5 decades of dedicated experience, Ozbek has been at the forefront of providing expert legal counsel and advocacy in the ever-evolving landscape of employment and labor law. We have consistently served as a reliable partner to businesses, organizations, and individuals, ensuring their rights, interests, and obligations are well-protected.

At Ozbek, we understand that employment law is a dynamic and multifaceted field, where staying current with the latest regulations and court decisions is crucial. Our team of seasoned employment law attorneys has a deep-rooted commitment to excellence and a passion for safeguarding the rights and well-being of our clients.

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Key Contacts

Range of Services

  • Consulting on employer-employee relations, including the Labor Law, Social Security Law, Trade Unions and Collective Labor Agreement Law, and Occupational Health and Safety Law, among others.
  • Preparing employment contracts tailored to various types of employer demands, such as senior level, blue/white-collar, managerial, full-time/part-time, fixed/undefined term, on-call/flexible/remote work.
  • Preparation of personnel and discipline regulations, establishment and updating of HR policies and processes
  • Structuring the relationships between the primary employer and subcontractors.
  • In the context of international companies and group subsidiaries, determining the organizational structure and preparing job descriptions within the framework of legal precedents, as well as evaluating the outcomes and effects of intra-group authority and task allocations within the current legal framework.
  • Preparing notices and other documents related to the termination of employment contracts by the employer and/or employee, as well as managing settlement, mutual termination, or mediation processes.
  • Preparing stock option plans, pension plans, bonus policies, and all kinds of fringe benefit arrangements.
  • Drafting employment law-related documents regarding data protection, privacy, non-competition, and non-solicitation, as well as intellectual property rights.
  • Preparing documentation as well as organizing all relevant procedures regarding the use of CCTV in workplaces and the monitoring of employees for observation purposes within the workplace.
  • Establishing company policies for the use of company vehicles and tracking systems like GPRS.
  • Establishing company policies for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) implementation.
  • Establishing company policies for social media usage and information security devices.
  • Preparing corporate company decisions for reorganization, and providing support for legal processes such as liquidation and closure of workplaces.
  • Determining company policies for the principle of equality and prevention of discrimination, and conducting audits on discrimination and mobbing issues.
  • Conducting preliminary work and implementing practices to comply with relevant legislation in the field of occupational health and safety.
  • Conducting preventive legal perspectives in collaboration with occupational health and safety experts, preparing workplaces for periodic audits by administrative authorities based on documentation.
  • Designing compliance programs for the protection of personal data, in collaboration with technical consultants if deemed necessary, and implementing them, including the preparation of standard documentation for compliance purposes. Establishing documentation for the transfer of data of both internal and external employees within the group.


 Dispute Resolution & Mediation

  • Providing consultancy for preventing disputes within the scope of preventive law.
  • Conducting risk analysis and calculations regarding employer-employee relations.
  • Managing settlement negotiations and mutual negotiation processes in compliance with labor law requirements.
  • Resolving disputes through conciliation.
  • Participating in mediation meetings for labor law disputes and representing clients.
  • Providing consultancy on the representation and process management of clients in all kinds of cases seen in Labor Courts and subsequent higher courts.