Data Privacy Day 2020 is approaching!

In Turkey, we also, celebrate this special day on the 28th of January with increasing excitement each year. In the article, we published to mark last year's Data Privacy Day, we shared some local insights which you can find here.

This year, we wanted to share with you a few suggestions to celebrate #DataPrivacyDay2020:

  • If you want to have a fresh start in 2020 why not go for a real detox?  The last week of January is a good opportunity for cleansing. You can shred all the old papers and delete some old files. It will make you happy! We promise. But don’t forget to check your retention periods and policies.
  • It can also be fun to find a new password. Something harder to hack! Renewing passwords can be a good Data Privacy Day activity. You can also consider using a password manager. Check out NCSC's suggestions for password administration.
  • You could also test your data breach action plan on the occasion of Data Privacy Day. The number of notifications on data breach are constantly increasing across the world. If you want to check the world’s biggest data breaches and hacks, this presentation on www.information is beautiful.net is a fun source. In Turkey, breach notifications are announced on the website of the Turkish Data Protection Authority (DPA). You can check recent data breach announcements by the Turkish DPA (sorry, but not available in English yet).
  • If you would like to explore what is happening globally, Data Privacy Day 2020 will be followed with #dataprivacyday2020 and #DPD2020 hashtags all around the world. You may wish to follow these hashtags in order to explore views and activities being shared by leading researchers and practitioners.
  • International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), which we are a member of, prepared special visuals to share in social media. You may share these visuals by tagging IAPP (@privacypros) and by using the hashtag #DataPrivacyDay2020. You can also attend the IAPP events in your home town.
  • This year, several events are being organized in different cities across Turkey by different authorities, associations as well as universities. Similar to last year, the Turkish DPA is organising a conference on 28 January to mark the day. As you know the authority has been very active in 2019. If you still haven’t seen our recently published blog article analysing decisions and orders of the Turkish Data Protection Board you can check it out on #DPD2020.


Wishing you a fun Data Privacy Day!