The Turkish Data Protection Board’s (‘TDPB’) decision regarding Amazon Turkey Perakende Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. ("Amazon Turkey") was published on the Turkish Data Protection Authority’s website on 7 May 2020 and it was announced that Amazon Turkey was imposed administrative fines amounting in total to TRY 1,200,000 (approximately USD 170,000). You can find the Turkish version of the decision here (only the Turkish version of the decision is available as of the publication date of this blog post).

This is a very remarkable decision since (i) the total amount of the administrative fines imposed to Amazon Turkey is the 4th highest amount of monetary fine that the TDPB has imposed until to date, and (ii) the decision includes assessments for a variety of alleged violations of the Turkish Data Protection Law ("TDPL") by Amazon Turkey, the most important one being cross-border personal data transfers without implementing necessary measures foreseen in the TDPL. 

We will soon share our detailed blog post about the Amazon decision with our comments especially on the status quo in Turkey for cross-border transfers of personal data.